Roof Repairs

Homeowners and commercial property owners know that at some point they will have to repair their roofs. Repairing a roof is essential as you do not want to have any outside elements such as rain, snow or other forms of moisture to damage the inside of your home or commercial building. Some of the reasons for having to seek out residential and commercial roof repair services include:

Blown off / missing shingles

A single missing shingle leaves behind an empty void between other shingles, increasing the chance of moisture entering your house or commercial building, and potentially damaging its valuable contents. Rely on Tops Roofing’s roof repairs professionals to replace your missing shingles.

Bad or leaking pipe flashing

Over time the vent pipes beneath your commercial or residential roofing could develop rust. Once the pipe is rusty, or if its sealant is old, rainwater and/or snow can seep through into your home of commercial business. To repair and avoid the damage caused by leaking and corroding pipes, turn to Tops Roofing for reliable roof repairs.

Chimney / skylight step flashing

Leaks can happen even in the chimney or skylight area of residential and commercial roofing. Extreme winds and faulty sealants are usually the culprits, and these problems are easily corrected with the help of our roof repairs services.


Valleys play an important role in commercial and residential roofing systems. These little gutters are situated along the interior angles of your roof, and can become damaged due to fungal growth, insufficient maintenance. Tops Roofing's roof repairs professionals can easily repair your valleys.

Ice dams

Ice dams are created when snow melts and refreezes, creating an icy barrier that does not allow any liquid to pass through, and causing blockages. Without proper drainage, the snow has no way of melting off the top of your roof, causing extensive damage. Any damage to your residential or commercial roofing as a result of ice dams can easily be remedied with Tops Roofing’s roof repairs services.

Low slope / inadequate roof pitch

Low sloped roofs are vulnerable to wind damage. With an inadequate roof pitch, rainwater or snow will also have trouble sliding off your commercial or residential roofing system. Our roof repairs team of experts can assist you with damages caused by low sloped roofs.

It is absolutely imperative for you, as a commercial property owner, or homeowner, to care for your residential and commercial roofing. Repairing your roof will prevent further damages from occurring, and is much less expensive than replacing your entire roofing system. To learn just how Tops Roofing can help you protect your valuable investments, please contact us for more information on our roof repairs services, or any of our other services for commercial and residential roofing.