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At 'Tops' our employees are seasoned professionals with myself overseeing all installations. This means all our roof installations are done the same, expertly and with pride of workmanship. I know everyone has heard the saying "you have to pay a little more to get a quality job". Nonsense! At 'Tops' you get only the very best of quality workmanship, materials and attention to detail at a fair price.

At 'Tops' we provide a complete 25 year roof system, a total roof renovation built to last. Any company can install a 25 year shingle, but are you really getting a 25 year roof? Most people will receive between 2 and 5 estimates when shopping their new roof. At first they seem similar, however, with a wide variety of roofing materials and accessories available, from bottom, to top of the line quality products, be sure you are actually comparing apples to apples when comparing other quotes with a 'Tops' quote.

At 'Tops' a roof is not just a roof. With many variations in materials, installation practices and expertise, your new roof may either enhance the beauty of your home, or detract from it. Make sure you know what your buying and don't shy away from asking questions, as any reputable company should take the time to explain or answer any you may have. We strongly advise that you check several references to ensure that a company is all that it claims. Once you have narrowed your choice of companies to two, check their work. Invest an hour of your time and visit some sites each has completed. Are they as good as each other? Or does one appear to be better?

If one appears better than the other it usually is.
Now the choice is yours. TOPS or the OTHER GUY.


All installed roofing is the same.

Donít be fooled. Itís not! When you purchase a new car you decide on the model, options, warranty, etc. then shop for the best price. You still arrive home with the same car.

Not so with a new roof. Many companies are what I call shingle changers. They are not really roofing contractors in the sense that they donít possess the knowledge, skills or equipment to do other than change shingles. A TOPS roof is fully optioned. As a roof comprises a great deal more than just shingles, we remove & replace absolutely everything.

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