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Probably Not! When inviting a contractor onto your property to perform work, the responsibility is yours to ensure that the contractor has adequate liability insurance. Always ask for a copy of current policy as proof of insurance. Everyone claims to have it; many do not.

WSIB (Workmanís Safety and Insurance Board) is also required. In Ontario, you must have a current clearance certificate. This is now done easily on line through E-Clearance. All you need is the contractors account number. ASK FOR IT! It is required by law. Any one telling you they carry private insurance or that their workerís have their own certificates DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE COMPANIES. You, the homeowner, may be personally liable for injury, accident and/or death benefits if your contractor has no coverage. Be informed, be AWARE.



Not Quite! There used to be two basic types of shingles, organic and fibreglass. They are both asphalt, although, the mat (the part that the asphalt and coloured stone coating are applied to) are different. One is glass fibre the other is a wood & paper fibre mat. Most, if not all manufacturers have stopped producing the organic type shingles. The reason being, they simply did not last. The 20 Ė 25 year products were averaging between 11-15 years. Many class action lawsuits were initiated because of this & today are either settled, in progress or still pending. As the manufacturing process was all the same, not a single manufacturer was vindicated, thus not one was better than the others.

As with any product, there is always better and poorer quality. There are very good American & Canadian products available, as well as poor quality ones.

Do I prefer a manufacturer? GAF, IKO & Certainteed all make excellent products. But when comparing available warranties, you just canít beat the GAF non pro rated 50 year lifetime warranty.

All manufacturers produce two types of shingles. Standard 3 tab or laminate (architectural) shingles. Popular today are the laminate variety as they offer better aesthetic value, wind speed ratings & warranties for about the same price. The warranties are now very good Limited Lifetime-pro rated, to 50 year non pro rated lifetime, which means 100 % materials & labour for 15 years in limited lifetime warranty & 100 percent materials & labour for 50 years with the GAF non pro rated warranty.


Donít be fooled. Itís not! When you purchase a new car you decide on the model, options, warranty, colour etc. then shop for the best price. You still arrive home with the same car.

Not so with a new roof. Many individuals & companies are simply shingle Ďchangersí. They are not true roofing contractors in the sense that they donít possess the knowledge, skills or equipment to do anything other than change shingles. A TOPS roof is fully optioned. As a roof comprises a great deal more than just shingles we can remove, replace, or repair absolutely everything from rafters, trusses & sheathing, to all metal work, flashings, copings, valleys, saddles, chimney pans, step flashing etc. Everything required for your roof is measured and custom made in our metal shop. The metal is 26 gauge coloured steel. All installed metal work is finished with a colour-matched caulking. Ventilation requirements are assessed and upgraded as required. The manufacturers warranty specifications and applications are strictly adhered to, including ventilation and underlayment requirements. Electric, thermostatically controlled attic ventilation units can also be installed for those warm second story homes. Simply put, your roof is replaced as a whole system. One designed to last.

The best warranted shingles would not last
on a poorly or incorrectly installed roof.


Not So! When I started installing roofs in the Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington areas 34 years ago the phone book consisted of maybe a dozen companies throughout the GTA. Have you looked lately? Here are the reasons why.
  1. Increase in population and housing density.
  2. There are no governing agencies or bodies overseeing the residential roofing industry.
  3. Cell phones & smart phones.
  4. Technology. Air compressors & nailing guns. At one time, all roofing was hand nailed. Today 99% are air nailed. In all cases it is faster. This translates to time equals money, which in turn equals profits. Speed, however, is no substitution for quality. Learning to hand nail is a slow process that takes several years to develop and attain any reasonable speed at. During this time, one learns correct installation techniques and develops pride in the quality of their workmanship. The speed develops gradually through repetition. An air-nailer on the other hand is instantly fast, enabling a quick installation, yet creating a market place saturated with inexperience and poorly installed roofs.
At TOPS ROOFING our employees can install your new roof using either application. Installation time is about the same. Believe it or not!

There are many people available to change shingles,
yet there are few good Roofers!


When comparing quotations make sure you are comparing apples to apples. There are qualified companies higher than us, however, there are many lower priced as well. Use our contractor checklist and ask a low priced competitor to install your roof exactly as ours. For the most part, they will not be able to; certainly not for the price quoted you.

Our pricing is carefully calculated and based on cost. The cost to provide you with the best service, materials and installation while maintaining marginal profitability and company longevity within your community.

Letís face it! You can always buy a cheaper anything. Always be an informed consumer and beware of what you are buying.



Most homes can be completed in one day or less. There are not many that we cannot complete the same day. We will give you a completion time on your quotation. Companies taking several days for completion are less than professional and generally inexperienced. Always ask. Completion time is an excellent indication of their experience.


Any other questions or concerns you may have and I have not covered in this package, please do not hesitate to give us a call. I will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Brian P. Burnett
Founder & President


Liability & WSIB / policies included
Company location
Customer referrals / name-address-phone
Better Business Bureau registered
Manufacturer's certification
Extended warranty available
Shingle type & warranty period
Completed homes / colour & type
Replace all step & counter flashings to coloured steel / coloured caulking to match
Replace & upgrade ventilation
Hand nailed / air nailed / choice of
Underlayment / as per warranty specifications
Ground & garden protection / as required
Perfect cleanup to include eavestroughs, grounds & perimetre sweep - magnetic brooms
Disposal / tandem trailers
Completion time & delivery
Written warranties - manufacturers & Tops


If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer whatever question you might have.

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